Meet Elise Berggreen

Elise Berggreen is a film, television, voice over artist, vocalist and theatre actor, based out of Los Angeles, CA, New Orleans, LA & Atlanta, GA. She has trained for the stage, screen and vocally, focusing in Fitzmaurice voice work, improvisation, Uta Hagen and comedic improvisation.

Her work as an actress has led her to take on starring roles, ranging from surrealist drama Eisa, Hlin & Darling Blue, in which she portrays a young woman plagued with her undying love for the other half of her split personality, to SYFY’s action-comedy Trailer Park Shark, in which you can see her dialect training shine through as loud-mouth trailer trash, “Daisy.”

As a voice actor, Elise can be heard as a narrator of Billy Hansen’s thriller novel Spider Season, “Daisy” in the colorful young adult series Finn and Daisy: A Love Story as well as a wide-array of commercial spots including Smart Clinic App, A. Digestive Health and many more!